Yes, you can buy online... but in a very personal way

this might not be your typical online shop... 

as all our items are lovingly crafted by hand and are one of a kind, this might not be what you are used to from other online shops.

the items shown in our pictures are available to be made to order , handmade just for you! it might not be as simple and as convenient, but it will be a very personal and special experience.

that all said, yes!!! you can order online- and this is how it works:

here you will find pictures of our key-pieces and the varieties that you can choose from.

if you see something you like, if you have questions about fabrics or adornements, just drop us a line and we will be happy to work our your very own special item just for you!

let´s start with trousers:

our trousers come in three different shapes,

from left to right, the classic Marlene-Trouser, than there is the ruffled Marlene-Trouser, and the Victorian-Style trouser.

and for the fun part these can be made with diffrent colours, textures, adorned with laces and ribbons..... just get in touch with us and we can create your very own pair of trousers just to you taste!

and if you would like to have even more layers and textures you might want to add some very Special lace trouser to pair with your basic ones:

so now it´s up to you-send us an email and we can start creating your very own pair of trousers!

and than there are Shirts of Course...