CosyComfort......cause who said there can only be comfort-food....

we believe that fashion should be comfortabel, wearable, inspiring and one of lifes little pleasures!

nowadays sustainability is an important topic for all of us.

we aim to achieve this by, on one hand, sourcing our materials in close proximity, favouring suppliers with Öko-Tex- standards, and manufacturing every single item by ourselfs here in Munich.

on the other hand we turned our backs to the classic system of having single-season collections which will become out of fashion with every new season.

Our collections will allways base on each other- so that every item you add will compliment and be easily combinable with all the treasures you allready own.

by keeping ways of transport as short as possible, using sustainable and environmental friendly materials and designing and producing every item to a very high standard , we create clothes that will bring you joy for years to come!