wether you wanna dress up for a big event, or just feel comfortabel for everyday life- we have the perfekt style for every occasion

Waifs and Strays means cosy-comfortabel fashion.

By combining and layering different items, every woman can create her very own look, easily adjustable for her own needs.

Every single item is lovingly created and handmade in munich. 

Wether you are going for comfy everyday- wear, business chic or elegance/ extravagance- we will get the perfect look for you.

Have you ever thought that store-bought items just never seem to fit perfectly on you? Than you will love us. We will adjust the items to your personal bodytype, or we will create and manufacture a new one just for you!

By working this way we can garantie that everything will fit perfectly and you will be feeling great in your new waifs-and-strays-look!

Sneek peek to our key-pieces

At waifs and strays everything is about cosy, cuddly, comfy textures, feminin and with a hint of drama!

The colours are black, grey, white, oldrose and rosegold. As always the fabrics are super soft and flowing and so very lovely to wear.



And there will be new and exciting accessories to be discovered... unusual handbags and muffs which remind of the victorian style.







For cooler temperatures there are playfull , parisienne style hats, cosy legwarmers and armwarmers which will keep you warm and will add an element of fun, or a splash of colour to your outfit.