Come and visit our little shop-in-shop at the lovely Fach4 in Fürstenfeldbruck

explore the collection

the cosy Fach4 is the perfekt place to explore the collection, try out different looks, or let us help you to create your very own style. if necessairy small fittings can easily be made right there and than- or we can design something especially made for you!

in the beautiful town of Burghausen we have found a beautifull space at:

Marktler Strasse 42
84489 Burghausen

You can meet us at the following events:

There is a good chance that "Markt der Sinne" will take place from
friday the 6th till sunday 8th of november,
fingers crossed that they will be able to come up with a safety plan that will allow us all to meet there. we will keep you update as soon as we get any further information.
Sadly, the Herzlmarkt is canceled, hopefully we will have the change to be there again in 2021. we'll keep you posted with updates on events as soon as we can!